Every thing that comes with the Zane name on it has been designed, tested and manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail. The result is a superior solar system, which enjoys an expected service life of over 20 Years.

Zane Solar Gulfstream

Download a Gulfstream brochure here

Zane Gulfstream systems are custom built to blend in with the contours of your roof, allowing maximum coverage.

Gulfstream systems are commonly referred to as rubber or strip type systems within the industry.

The key benefits are:

  • Custom built to the shape of your roof
  • Maximum heat gain
  • Long life UV stabilised

Gulfstream allows you to customise the solar absorber to maximise your roof coverage.

Extensive research, development and testing has gone into the refinement of Zane solar absorber.

Zane solar absorbers are designed to gain maximum direct heat from the sun, plus extract reflected and conducted heat from the roofing material.

Zane's solar absorbers are easily installed on most types of roofing material. Its unique raised webbing allows for greater drainage of water and moisture from the roof surface.

This single feature prevents metal roofs from accumulating rust points.

Zane solar absorber meets the highest criterta set down by the Australian Standards for solar absorber materials, AS 2433-1 981.

Moulded Manifolds

It has been a long recognised fact in the solar industry that the critical part of any solar system is at the point where the solar absorber tubes are connected into the manifold system. Zane's one-piece moulded manifolds ensure positively leak-free joints.

Vacuum Relief Valve

A Vacuum relief valve prevents the absorber from continually 'working' due to the constant changes within the system from negative to positive pressure, extending the life of the system.

By allowing water to drain from the system, problems associated with freezing, boiling and stagnation are eliminated.

Zane Solar Gulfpanels

Download a Gulfpanel brochure here

Zane Gulfpanels are manufactured in fixed size lengths, which are laid side by side to form a large grid. These systems generally require a larger rectangular area for installation and are commonly referred to as panel type systems within the industry.

The key benefits are:

  • Modular one-piece solar panels
  • Outstanding heat transfer properties
  • Exceptionsl durability and UV stabilised
  • Impervious to attacks from birds and wildlife

Extensive reaearch, development and testing have gone into the refinement of Zane Solar Gulfpanel.

Gulfpanels are precision injection moulded from a high grade formulated polymer, selected for its outstanding heat transfer properties and its exceptional durability.

Gulfpanels are UV stabilised and designed to withstand wxtreme weather conditions


If you are SA's largest solar pool heating company it is natural that you will also be the leaders in service and repairs. In fact we are called on to repair and service other solar brands as well.

Zane solar pool heating systems are only available from the Authorised Zane Dealer, Beasley Pool Heating. This not only ensures every system sold is correctly designed and installed but also serviced by specially trained inspectors.

Correct installation and Service is critical if optimum system performance is to be achieved and the final result is visually pleasing. Consequently, Australian-made Zane is only available from the Authorised Zane Dealer, Beasley Pool Heating. This not only ensures every system sold is correctly designed and installed but also serviced by specially trained inspectors.

Beasley Pool Heating as the Zane Authorised dealer routinely undertake intensive training to ensure they adhere to the company's quality controlled design and professional installation practices

Regular Servicing

Just like your car needs regular servicing, so too does your swimming pool and its equipment. Regular maintenance not only ensures it always works at optimum level but also prevents small problems from turning into expensive ones.

Beasley Pool Heating can conduct annual health checks so that leaks are quickly repaired, debris is removed from the roof absorber, and controller settings are correctly calibrated - all of which can save you water and energy.

Book in before the busy season starts so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy summer with friends and family.

Beasley Pool Heating has been installing and servicing solar pool heating systems in adelaide for over 40 years. Our service teams are trained and experienced in all areas of solar heating. If you require service and maintenance for either a Zane solar system or another brand of system why not give our office a call to see if we can assist with your service requirements.

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